Working hours in December and January

5.12. Independence Day Eve, 1st shift
6.12. Independence Day, no working
23.12. working hours 7.00 – 15.30
24.12. Christmas Eve, no working
25.12. Christmas Day, no working
26.12. Boxing Day, no working
30.12. working hours 7.00 – 15.30
31.12. New Year’s Eve, no working
1.1. New Year’s Day, no working
5.1. normal working day
6.1. Epiphany, no working

National Accident Day, Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th is a National Accident Day in Finland. The objective is to raise awareness of how many accidents are caused by haste at home, at work, and in traffic.

More than one million accidents occur in Finland annually. Many of them are caused by haste.
See how haste affects the life of Finns:

At home:

At work:

In traffic: