Customer satisfaction survey was carried out by Port of Kemi Ltd and Kemi Shipping Oy

During the springtime Port of Kemi Ltd and Kemi Shipping Oy in co-operation were making a customer satisfaction survey where around thirty customers were participating. The survey was performed as a thesis and the results were given to the principal in order to make conclusions.

According to results it can be noted that the activity in the port of Kemi is well at the level of other ports. Customers are mainly satisfied to the co-operation and they regard port as service minded. Also they give praise for the openness and accessibility. Naturally there have been also negative service events. Our professionalism and – a bit surprisingly – the communication are considered as a strength. As well appreciated is the ability to react to the changing demands of the customers. Images related to the environmental factors are positive and the development around these issues is praised. Personalized service is considered as a positive thing in the small port – customer is not just a piece of mass.

There are things to improve. Operational flexibility is needed, timewise stretching in commencing as well completing the work as well more adjusting to the schedule of the traffic. More focus is needed for appropriate tools and warehouses. Renovation and maintenance is at least as important as creating of a new. To cherish and develop also existing customer relations have to be sustainable. We have to be able to react toward customer inquiries quicker, aim to find more actively both new business as well traffic which support existing businesses. We have to take care of our visibility. In addition to better service the better competitiveness is expected from us. With the proper actions we can also keep our costs in control.

We thank you for the participation to the customer survey study, our aim is to be worthy of your trust also in future.

More information:

Managing Director Reijo Viitala, Port of Kemi Ltd, tel. +358 400 695 681

Managing Director Kari Anttila, Kemi Shipping Oy, tel. +358 40 766 4872