Verified gross mass regulations of containers enters into force on 1 July 2016

Under the amended SOLAS regulation, which enters into force on 1 July 2016, the shipper of a container is responsible for communicating the verified gross mass (VGM) of containers in writing to the ship’s master or his representative.

If a container has no VGM-data, it cannot be loaded to the ship.

If the container is shipped from Finland in June, and is reshipped to an ocean carrier in Europe after 1 July 2016, VGM weight is to be informed to the ship’s master or his representative already in June.

Kemi Shipping Oy will offer weighing service to containers which are brought to the terminal.

The weighing equipment has qualification approval. The containers will be weighed after the container has arrived to the port after loading according to the shipper´s or his representative’s order.

Kemi Shipping Oy will inform the VGM weight to the shipper or his representative, and the shipper is responsible for forwarding the data to the ship’s master or his agent.

The shipper can inform the VGM-data or order VGM weighing service from Kemi Shipping using the terminal advice.

The weighing service and data announcements performed by Kemi Shipping Oy will be chargeable.