December working times

5.12 Morning shift only (06:00-14:30)

6.12 Independence Day, no work

23.12 normal working hours

24.12 – 26.12 no work

27.12. normal working hours

31.12 New Year’s Eve, working hours 06:00-14:30

1.1.2020 New Year’s Day, no work

6.1.2020 Epiphany Day, no work

Work Safety Concerns Everyone

The Topic for the Ports’ Work Safety Day 7.10.2019 is Work Safety Concerns Everyone

Work Safety is the duty of everyone, not just the responsibility of some few. With this slogan, Raimo Taimisto, a foreman from Kotka, won a competition for a work safety themed poster in 1979. It is still relevant after 40 years: work safety is a common subject for everyone.

Highly visible and protective work clothing, improved working conditions, identification of risks, learning from work accidents and close calls as well as advances in work machine technology are things that have essentially improved the safety of harbor work. However, no singular effort nor instruction eliminates the fact that, everyone is personally responsible for his or her own safety.

Put simply, safe working boils down to acting safely with respect to the circumstances and instructions and not causing danger to oneself or others. When one’s personal safety is under control, it’s to the benefit of the whole work community.

The chosen theme for this autumn’s work safety day is Don’t be the Weakest Link – Work Safety Concerns Everyone. The port’s safety day will be held Monday October 7th, 2019 in all Finnish ports.