Last call of faithful Kemi visitor for the time being

In mid-November m/v Oranjeborg was loading for the last time in Kemi for the time being. Since delivered from the shipyard in 2004, the vessel has called Kemi quite frequently every second month and carried forest industry products to US east coast. Altogether, there has been almost hundred calls i.e. 96 and cargo volume loaded has been about 880.000 tons. Cargo onboard has been mainly kraftliner from Metsä Board Kemi mill i.e. volume corresponds roughly the production volume of two years by the mill.

On her latest voyage Oranjeborg was heading via her new loading port Uddevalla in Sweden to her recent destination port in US Baltimore, where also the president of US, Joe Biden, was recently visiting in the port warehouse for Metsä Board.

Due to Covid19 -restrictions farewell was plain, and Kemi Shipping was handing over company standard for the vessel and Kemi-made woolen knit caps for the crew. Bon Voyage!

November 2021-January 2022 working times


  • 5.11.2021 normal working hours 06.00-23.00
  • 6.11. 2021 All Saints’ Day, no work
  • 6.12.2021 Independence Day, no work
  • 23.12.2021 normal working hours 06.00-23.00
  • 24.12.-26.12.2021  no work
  • 27.12.-30.12.2021 normal working hours 06.00-23.00
  • 31.12.2021 New Year’s Eve, working hours 06.00-14.30


  • 1.1.2022 New Year’s Day, no work
  • 5.1.2021 normal working hours 06.00-23.00
  • 6.1.2022 Epiphany Day, no work
  • 7.1.2022 normal working hours 06.00-23.00