Your shipping representative at port

Kemi Shipping Oy oversees and ensures that the transport and storage service chain built through co-operation with the customers remains intact and functional all the way to the customer’s doorstep. This responsibility includes specifically looking out for the customer’s interests and observing their instructions.


Forwarding represents different shippers, both exporters and importers, while also looking out for their interests. In practice, the task of forwarding is to ensure that the handling and other instructions provided by the shipper are followed precisely. Forwarding also ensures that the goods remain in flawless condition during their stay in the harbour area, and that the shippers are informed at each step of the shipping process. Another duty assumed by Forwarding is to build, together with the customers, functional transport and storage service chains. Forwarding arranges a precise schedule for port arrivals, and, when necessary, supervises customs procedures and door-to-door transportation arrangements.