Easy and efficient harbour visits

Solid local knowledge is utilised in clearance to facilitate communications with different actors on the ship’s behalf throughout its entire stay in port.


Clearance serves as the ship’s local agent during its stay in port. It provides the local knowledge needed to ensure the smooth handling of procedures for the ship. Clearance also acts as the representative of the customer by making certain that the ship’s turnaround in the port is as effortless and short as possible. Clearance maintains communications with officials, port authorities, pilots, icebreakers, ship provision suppliers, shippers and shipping agents on behalf of visiting ships. Clearance assists to ensure the legality of shipping documents on behalf of ship owners, and in overseeing the payment transactions between the ships and local authorities. During a ship’s stay in port, Clearance also assists in handling other required arrangements and practical matters, such as crew changes, CTM, spare parts/supplies and repair services.