Regular liner traffic

SOL Continent Line Lübeck (Germany)

SOL Continent Line Gothenburg (Sweden), Antwerpen and Zeebrugge (Belgia) as well Tilbury (UK)

TransFeederNorth container feeder to Hamburg and Bremerhaven

TransBothnia Container Line container feeder to Antwerp

Tilbury (UK), connection via Gothenburg 2/7
Zeebrugge (BE) 1/7
Antwerpen (BE) 1/7
Hamburg (DE) 1/7
Bremenhaven (DE) 1/7
Lübeck (DE) southbound 2/7
Lübeck (DE) northbound 1/7
Gothenburg (SE) 1/7

Other frequent traffic

USA (Philadelphia, east coast) Wagenborg Shipping / Helsinki Chartering Oy

North Africa (Egypt, Morocco…) MTL / Seachart Oy

Mediterranean Spliethoff Suomi Shipping Services Oy